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Quad Bike Adventure
5 (15 reviews)

Bali Quad Bike Adventure It’s time for you to try out our challenging track to pampering your adrenaline by Bali ATV Ride. Back to the nature and have fun!!! You won’t regret and forget the experience. Drive yourself into the nature of Bali. It’s time for you to try out our challenging track to pampering […]

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  • Duration: 6 Hours
IDR 790k
Best Marine Sports
4.9 (7 reviews)

Bali Adventure Tours Flying Fish This is one of the exciting activities take you to fly in two rounds on the rubber boat and pulled a speed boat. This flying fish is for you who enjoying fantastic adventure with great challenges. Furthermore, the flying fish Bali will take you to fly on the rubber boat […]

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  • Duration: 3 Hours
Only IDR 390k
Ayung River Rafting
4.8 (13 reviews)

Bali White Water Rafting at Ayung River – The only way to raft Bali. Experience the scenic Ayung River for an unforgettable White Water Rafting Experience in Bali. The Ayung River is class II and may rise to class IV during rainy season. Expert and experienced guides will give you an insight into the river […]

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  • Duration: 3 - 6 hrs
IDR 175k
Quad Bike River Rafting
5 (6 reviews)

For you who looking for: Things To Do in Bali White Water Rafting Quad Bike Adventure Quad Bike and River Rafting ATV Ride and White Water Rafting A perfect combination of adventure activities in Bali; White Water Rafting to shoot down the Ayung River in a raft during this Eco-adventure in Bali. See hidden waterfalls […]

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  • Duration: 9 hours
From IDR 790k
Banana Sea Walk Jet Ski
5 (1 reviews)

There’s a lot to do when you are in Bali, visit many great places, temples, and beaches. One of the famous beach is Tanjung Benoa. Located in the southern part of bali, on the seashore of Indian ocean. Tanjung Benoa beach has long been well known and has become the mean tourist destination with its […]

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  • Duration: 5 hours
From IDR 490k
USS Shipwreck Scuba Dives
5 (6 reviews)

Bali Scuba Diving Tulamben was a very anonymous fishing village in the dry lands of Karangasem for a very long period. Nowadays, it’s the busiest diving destination in Bali. Since the discovery of the USS Liberty Shipwreck as a diving destination back in the 1980’ies, Tulamben has been drawing bigger and bigger crowds, all wanting […]

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  • Duration: 10 hours
IDR 1200k
Jumping Water Sliding
5 (4 reviews)

For you who very adventures people, let’s enjoy a day of fun and true alive your live. Here you can find the awesome adventures activities such as sliding and jumping at waterfalls surrounding by gorgeous nature with fresh atmosphere at unspoiled water in Northern Bali. Viewing a gorgeous panorama of Tamblingan lake from a Swing […]

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  • Duration: 8 Hours
From IDR 425k
Telaga Waja Rafting
5 (5 reviews)

White Water Rafting with NO Steeps Stairs Start your adventure at Telaga Waja River in the east Bali below the great Mount Agung. Once you paddle on the river, you’ll enter the secret beauty of Bali through the pure nature, wild tropical forests, over hanging trees and vines creating a thrilling beginner-class rafting course. Enjoy […]

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  • Duration: 7 Hours
IDR 1.250k
Water Sports Adventure
4.8 (5 reviews)

Bali Watersports Package Splashing water, sunlight, and waves swash are perfect combination on the beach and you will get that when you are in Bali. One of famous beaches on Bali is Tanjung Benoa. It has long been well known and has become the mean tourist destination with is clean white sand and they can […]

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  • Duration: 3 Hours
IDR 450K
Flying Water Board
5 (4 reviews)

Flying Board is a type of water jet pack attached to a personal water craft which supplies propulsion to drive the fly board through air and water to perform a sport known as fly boarding. A fly board rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under […]

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  • Duration: 3 Hours
From IDR 690k
Buggy Drive Monkey
5 (4 reviews)

Getting pickup at your hotel in the morning and get transfers to Tagtag village. Once you are picked-up at your accommodation, you will be transferred to the destination to start your awesome day with Jungle Buggy Driving. After around 2 hours drive by air conditioned vehicle, you will arrive at the place to drive the […]

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  • Duration: 8 Hours
Only IDR 1.490k/pax
Paintball Bali
4.8 (4 reviews)

GET INTO THE COMBAT ZONE AT BALI’S BIGGEST PAINTBALL FIELD Join a team get in to combat mode, develop your shooting and tactical and feel the adrenaline rush as your dodge those flying paint pellets. Visit with your family or a group of friends and expert staff will demonstrate how to play range of exciting, […]

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  • Duration: 6 hours
Only IDR 550k/pax
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