Today’s gallery is around the first 40 photographs were shot at Canggu yesterday morning. And might I say there were some mighty fine waves breaking on both the right hand river mouth and best of all on the left hand sand bar section. Crowd levels were below average for Canggu with only 18 surfers on the right and another 15-20 on the left.

The next 20 odd photos were shot down at Uluwatu the day before (1st July). According to Ketut with wave height still pumping through at a solid 4-6 foot there was only a hand full of surfers taking on the less than perfect conditions. While here in Tuban Kuta Reef was absolutely cranking through waves in the 4-5ft range.

I also hope you liked those photos we loaded from the Rip Curl Padang-Padang Cup yesterday.Ok friends of Bali I gotta run seeing as though the clock has just turned 5.30AM and get back out there and get ya’s another gallery worth of photos. So stay tuned to the original Bali surf report. Source (Baliwaves)

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