The popularity of the Island of the Gods as the most favorite holiday destination in Indonesia is certainly no doubt. Things to do in bali, for weekend vacations with family, backpackers and friends and of course honeymoon business, Bali always appears as the main destination. Even abroad, the name Bali is often considered more famous than the name of Indonesia itself. So it is certain that Bali does have charming tourism potential. For decades the people of Bali have always succeeded in making their island the number one holiday destination in Indonesia thanks to their diligence in packing their tourism potential seriously. Starting from natural, historical, shopping, culinary, to religious tourism, everything is available. Bali is like a convenience store that provides everything a traveler wants. But where should we vacation in Bali? Things to do in bali, If you only have a limited amount of time and budget while on vacation, how do you choose those extraordinary tourist attractions in Bali? Well, if you are still confused about setting goals, the following tips might help you. Check out the tips and you are guaranteed not to be confused anymore about choosing a tourist spot in Bali. Check this out:

Consider Mileage

Distance is an important thing that you should consider while on vacation. About things to do in bali. This is of course directly related to how long you spend on vacation and also the costs that must be spent. You must consider how long it will take from where you are currently residing in Bali and adjust it to the duration of your vacation. That way you can start choosing the type of transportation and make an itinerary. Arriving in Bali, considering the distance from one tourist location to another will also make it easier for you to save time. Especially if the duration of your vacation is limited, of course you do not want to waste a lot of time on the road just to get stuck in traffic or confusion about where to go first. Choose a tourist location close to where you stay and determine which locations are in the same direction. You can all go to Padang-Padang and Dreamland Beaches if your destination is Garuda Wisnu Kencana, because they are in one area. Don’t go back and forth in one place that you can easily sort. Use google maps or travel maps from traveling books to guide you.

Choose the place where the atmosphere is different from your daily life

The purpose of a vacation is to escape from the saturation of daily activities. Then what is the use of vacationing if what we see is still the same as what is in our daily lives? So the important tips in choosing a tourist place are where do you live right now? Of course the location where you live is very important to determine your vacation destination later, especially if you want to get a different and unforgettable holiday moment. Sea or beach tourism is a tourist spot in Bali that is most recommended by many people. Most people consider vacation to the beach the most enjoyable vacation location. That’s to do in Bali.

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