Discussing tours on the island of Bali will never run out. Objects that can be reviewed in addition to showing the beauty of nature on land, culture, art as well as underwater beauty. Famous and popular scuba bali  diving and snorkeling spots and favorite locations for both domestic and foreign tourists are quite available. And the location spreads throughout the island of the Gods. Interestingly, some spots can be used by beginners without the need to have a diving certificate, because it functions as a diving spot for amateur visitors. You are certainly curious, right? Here’s the review for you.

The 6 locations for scuba diving and snorkeling, favorite spots in Bali include:

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa Beach. This place is not a dream location for professional divers. The location is indeed intended as part of entertainment for tourists. Bali Diving in Tanjung Benoa is called the attraction of “sea walker”, and you don’t have to bother carrying oxygen cylinders or breathing from your mouth. Please wear a “glass helmet” and you breathe as you normally would on land. Then go down to a depth of 7 meters to see the beauty of the marine, coral and coral gardens accompanied by professional divers. In addition, around this beach there are also many coral reefs that you can explore with snorkeling.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach. This dive spot in the Sanur beach area of ​​Bali is also aimed at tourist attractions like Benoa. The dive site here is called “Sanur Sea Walker” but not as busy as Tanjung Benoa. This is because the place of water sports in Sanur is not as complete as in the south of Bali. If you are interested in diving on Sanur beach, pay attention to the time. Because at certain times the big wave season makes it difficult for vision under water. Snorkeling spots are also available around Sanur beach, but the marine park is not wide.

Diving Seeing Manta in Lembongan

Nusa Penida Spot & Ceningan. Still around East Bali, there is an island that is famous as an exotic dive site called Nusa Penida. If you want to see Manta and Mola-Mola in many collections and coral reefs and beautiful corals, diving spots in Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan are their habitat. Bali diving in this area also requires a certificate of professional divers. The depth of the underwater park that you can explore is around 5-25 meters below the sea. The best locations for you are Manta Cove, Manta point, Batu Abah, Malibu Point, Crystal bay, Gamat Bay, Ceningan wall, SD, Pura Ped, Pura Mas Gading and Bunyuk. Quite a lot of famous dive spots here.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Snorkeling & Diving. Other famous dive sites and snorkeling activities are on Menjangan island which is included in the West Bali National Park area. The location is to the west of the island which borders the northern region. We recommend staying here, especially if there is a super comfortable resort for tourists. Underwater beauty and coral gardens and reefs around the island

Tulamben Beach   

Tulamben Beach. Dive spots that are very famous to foreign countries. Since the American photographer came to this place to make hunting documentation for underwater photos, then the underwater nature at Tulamben beach. The term often used for this dive site is Bali Reef Divers. What’s interesting in Tulamben marine park is the existence of the wrecked Usat Liberty wreck since 1942. But you can’t see it if you only do snorkeling activities. In addition, the dive area in Tulamben is also used several times as a location for Bali’s unique prewedding photos because it depicts underwater beauty. If you are interested here, point the vehicle towards Karangasem (East Bali). You can even combine to see the beauty of the land of Karangasem, which is to visit the Tirta Gangga water park which is still one area with Tulamben.

Sea Walker Sanur Bali

Nusa Lembongan Diving Spot. This is a bali diving center for professionals and tourists who want to do snorkeling. You need a special certificate if you want to explore the underwater beauty around Nusa Lembongan Bali. The most famous spots in the region are Blue corner, Lembongan Bay and mangroves. Don’t be surprised you will find more foreign divers who enjoy the underwater nature of East Bali Lembongan, related to the ownership of a scuba diving license. One of the most interesting attractions here is swimming with Manta rays and tame mola mola and beautiful coral and coral. For those who like to snorkel, the Blue lagoon region bordering Nusa Penida is also recommended.

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