Bali, with its charming charm, is a tourist destination for everyone’s dreams. People keep looking for Bali travel guide. Let alone the Indonesian people, foreign tourists are competing to raise money for the Thousand Temples Island. The allure of Bali never fades. Because, tours offered offer a complete package.

There are natural attractions, shopping, culinary, arts, culture, and so on. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world spend their holidays on the island nicknamed the Island of the Gods. Bali is indeed interesting seen from various sides. Not only is the natural condition very beautiful, this island also has a rich tradition and culture.

Not surprisingly, tourists, both local and foreign, have ceaselessly come to admire the beauty of the culture and nature of the land of these gods. The beach is the object most favored by tourists during their visit to Bali. Beaches in Bali are indeed famous for their beauty.

This is inseparable from the geographical location of Bali which is flanked by two oceans. Of the many beaches on this island, there is one beach that is always crowded by travelers: Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is located in the western part of Bali Island, precisely in Kuta District, Badung Regency.

The Beaches of Bali Travel Guide

One of the things that make this beach always crowded, besides its beauty, is because of its strategic location. Kuta Beach is located not far from Ngurah Rai International Airport. From the airport to the beach, the trip only takes about 15 minutes.

This condition makes Bali a developed area without ignoring its original culture. Bali is ready to become an international destination with a variety of supporting facilities. In fact, when domestic tourists visit Bali, they forget that they are in Indonesia, because the standards are like abroad.

What makes Bali so international in the eyes of Indonesians? Unlike in other regions, they meet tourist attractions. In fact, when visiting a recreation area, you even feel like you are a foreigner because there are all foreigners. There are a variety of international products that you might have seen for the first time. There are brands that you may not find in other places.

What Makes Bali Unique?

Bali travel guide that you need to know is it feels like you’re in Hawaii! For you wine lovers, Bali is a paradise. You can find reasonably priced along the road in the tourist area of ​​Bali. The community does not mind it, because the market is clear. Then, almost everyone speaks English, even local people. Bali might be one of the most appropriate areas to hone English skills.

Here, almost everyone can speak English, including waiters in restaurants. You can even meet local people with thick Balinese speaking with foreigners using English. Signposts on tourist attractions or streets are available in two languages, Indonesian and English. Wow, you won’t be confused if they go to Bali.

You don’t need to bother renting a guide or translating the boards themselves. Party on the side of the road or the beach is normal. The boom of music that echoes throughout Kuta, Legian and Seminyak at night is not unusual. You can party there, unwind while jogging casually. Many clothes are also sold in jumbo sizes.

Many stores sell jumbo-sized clothes, tailored to the size of foreign tourists. Most cafes in Bali offer a very international atmosphere. When you get the hang of Bali travel guide, you are in for a treat. Once inside, you forget that you are hanging out in Indonesia! If you want to vacation in Bali, then you can use a reliable and professional Bali sun tour.

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