You must already know this place called the Island of the Gods. Well, then you know for sure that there are fun things to do in Bali. But, let’s talk about the term first. The term appears not only because the population is dominated by Hindus who worship various gods, but also because of the many wonders and natural beauty that the island has.

These extraordinary natural wonders seem to convince us that in ancient times gods and goddesses really stopped by on the island of Bali. Get away from the bustling downtown of Denpasar or the area populated by resorts frequented by most tourists, and you will be amazed at how beautiful Bali is.

Some of these natural charms are almost rarely visited by tourists at all. In order to enjoy the most untouched natural attractions on the Island of the Gods to the fullest, we recommend that you use an experienced local guide, or arrange your own trip.

When we are talking about fun things to do in Bali, we are talking about some private, leisure time. It’s time to move away from vacation spots that are already crowded with tourists. Uncover the most beautiful secrets that will make you stunned!

Unwind at the Kanto Lampo Waterfall

If you are looking for tranquility and want to unwind, Kanto Lampo Waterfall is the right destination to visit. The calm atmosphere in the midst of beautiful nature and the sound of gurgling water really relaxes the body and mind.

Unlike most waterfalls, Kanto Lampo has unique characteristics. If usually the waterfall will produce a roar when fused with the springs below, Kanto Lampo actually presents a calm flow of water on a gentle cliff past stepped rocks.

Belayu Florist, a Sea of Flowers

No less beautiful with sunflowers, this sea of red and yellow celosia flowers is also interesting to be the location of the photo. With an area of 60 hectares, you are guaranteed to be satisfied around the flowers. Try to get your partner here so the atmosphere feels more romantic.

In addition to taking pictures among the flowers, there are also several photo spots decorated in such a way. If you are tired of walking around, just rest in Bale Bengong, which is located in several corners of the garden.

Oh yes, because the weather here is quite hot so we recommend that you come in the morning. For women, you can also rent a hat here for only Rp. 5,000. Not bad enough to protect from the sun and photo properties. That is one of the fun things to do in Bali.

Reach for the Sky at Mende Hill

If you and your partner don’t have enough in common, this is the time to share the fun through a hobby that is suitable for both of you. Just like a relationship, to get a spectacular and beautiful view requires an effort that is not easy. Set the flower of joy.

Color your relationship with adventure, get out of your comfort zone, wander to a place where the WiFi signal is weak, but the connection between you is strong! As we know, a relationship is like climbing, it takes courage, strength, and mutual help from both parties.

Those are three fun things to do in Bali that you can do. Whether you are alone, with friends or even your partner, you will surely going to enjoy unwinding in this island. To make your trip even better, you can work with Bali Sun Tours, which is a travel agent that will make sure everything run smoothly!

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